Yana Shala

Yoga Teacher Training 2018

Starts April 20th!

Manifest Your Inner Teacher

Please note that MYIT 2018 is a 9-module program to be completed over the course of 10 months. Program begins April 20, 2018 and ends January 27, 2019.

From the intention of manifesting your own inner wisdom and personal voice, we’ll guide you step by step through the different phases of exploration and development in a safe and nurturing environment. There’s no right, no wrong, no one method that fits all, but rather an opportunity to explore the right formula for you and your true uniqueness.

We’ll hold the space and time for you for that incredible inner journey of self-empowerment and discovery, providing you with an array of tools gathered from ancient and modern knowledge and modalities, applied to today’s world, including but not limited to, yoga, ayurveda, meditation, aromatherapy and aguahara. Respectfully borrowing from the Tantric tradition, the body and all your senses will be your fundamental instruments and field of exploration, learning and mastery. Please note this is an ongoing program consisting of 9 intensive weekend modules over the course of 10-months. Full schedule included below.

Manifest Your Inner Teacher 2018 is a 3-PATH TRACK

You can now take this program from three different perspectives, depending on where you are in life and what YOU need to support your body-mind-spirit, your goals and true needs this year:

PATH 1: The Spiritual Seeker or Wondering Soul
Consciously or not yet that strongly, you feel or sense there’s something deeper in you and beyond you that you want to explore, touch, reveal. You may have questions, doubts about who you are, what’s next, why you are, when you are and what your full potential looks like, or curiosity to tap and dig deeper within and connect to Your Self.

PATH 2: The Aspiring Teacher
You’ve been practicing some form of Yoga (not limited to yoga asanas) for a while, you have experienced the benefits of this ‘technology’ and you have a calling: to be a teacher, to help others by sharing your tools and experience and giving back. You want to be Yoga Alliance Certified, so all doors can open to you to start teaching after completing this program.

PATH 3: The YanaShalee or Certified Teacher
YanaShalees – you’ve already taken this program at least once, and you want to come back, explore a different perspective, dive deeper, and be part of this year’s adventure as a witness, a brother or sister, and a mentor for those going through this process for the first time. The Certified Teacher path includes those of you who are already yoga teachers – trained in another lineage or school, and who feel the need to reconnect to or deepen your own practice.


Module 1 – The Seed
April 20 – 22

Module 2 – The Soil
May 18 – 20

Module 3 – The Tools
June 15 – 17

Module 4 – The Ecosystem
July 20 – 22

Module 5 – The Seasons
October 5 – 7

Module 6 – The Ripening
November 2 – 4

Module 7 – The Blossoming
December 7 – 9

Module 8 – The Harvest
January 4 – 6, 2019

Module 9 – The Teacher
January 25 – 27, 2019

Pricing below with payment links under each description:

NOTE: All applicants (except returning YanaShalees) must pay a $150 nonrefundable application fee that will be applied to your full program payment.

Your $150 nonrefundable application fee secures your initial pre-program meeting with Yana Shala teachers. This meeting allows us to answer any questions you might have and to confirm that MYIT 2018 is the program that best fits your expectations and needs.

Registration fee $150:
***Early Bird Special for Aspiring Teacher path:$3195 ONLY until 02/28/18
PATH 1: The Spiritual Seeker $2200
PATH 2: The Aspiring Teacher $3500
PATH 3: The Yana Shalee ($972 or $108 per module)
or Certified Teacher ($2200)

Flexible payment plans are available. Contact us to register and for information.