Divine Sight Healing Arts Center is a community-oriented yoga, movement and massage studio offering a wide variety of healing art forms.

Our yoga teachers teach from their own practices, providing a variety of unique styles suitable for all levels of practice. Enjoy some playful free spirited fun with a belly dance or hula hoop class. If you find, through your practice, stuck places or limited range of mobility, we offer a variety of massage therapies, as well as private yoga therapy sessions.

From the stillness of Meditation, Sound Baths or Restorative yoga class, to the more active yoga class varieties weather they be Hatha, Tantric, Kundalini or Kemetic based, all the way to the uninhibited freedom of Tantric Dance, Belly Dancing, Hula Hooping or Drumming, we get to explore ourselves on many levels.

Any level can be challenging and each of us has something to heal in order to balance. When we are able to quiet our minds AND free our bodies, we open up to radical self expression and our truest version of self. Trusting our inner knowing, or divine sight, opening our hearts and sharing our reflections with one another (another ONE of me), allows growth of self awareness and the remembrance of the whole and completeness we were born with.

Love and joy reside in the open heARTed. What is your heART form?