Bodywork Pricing

1 hr: $90

1.5 hr: $130

2 hr: $170

1 hr x 3 pack: $255

1.5 hr x 3 pack: $360

2 hr x 3 pack: $480

1 hr x 5 pack: $400

1.5 hr x 5 pack: $550

2 hr x 5 pack: $750

One 1.5 hour Session Monthly for $109 a month
12 month Auto Pay contract
($125 usual price)


Two 1.5 hour Sessions Monthly for $199 a month
12 month Auto Pay contract
($99.50 per session, $125 usual price)


All Bodywork Memberships receive:

Allotted sessions every month

10% off of classes and most workshops

10% off of  additional Bodywork beyond  the allotted monthly sessions

The purchase of a session or sessions can be used towards any of our bodywork types that book for the allotted time of session purchased or of equal value.

Customized Creative Creative Counseling 1 hour session is equal in cost to an 1.5 hour session of bodywork.

Membership discounts do not apply towards the purchase of Class Passes or Bodywork Packages.

Terms and Conditions:
Auto pay drafts setup from credit card or debit card only. All auto pays are a 12 month commitment. Contract auto renews after 12 months for another 12 month commitment unless canceled. An email will be sent informing of upcoming renewal at which point the option to decline renewal will be available.
A 30 day cancellation notice by email is required to cancel contract prior to 12 month completion. A 6 month minimum obligation is required. Cancellation fee once the 6 month obligation has been met is the lesser of either the remainder of payments owed or $150 plus the final 30 day payment after notice. Prior to 6 months after entering the contract, the fee is equal to the sum of remaining months up to the 6 month obligation plus the final 30 days payment after notice (counts as the sixth month if cancellation is made prior to 6 month completion),plus a $150 cancellation fee.
Suspend for $10/month with a 15 day notice before the next draft with a request via email. No open-ended suspensions; recommencement date required.
$25 card declined fee.
May upgrade membership levels, but may not downgrade membership levels. No sharing.